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Born & Bred Awards 2009

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So the date is 17th Jan. 2009 and you if you' ve made it this far (reading this article, I mean) then you' ve guessed it. This was the year I was bored enough and that socially challenged that I accepted free tickets to the Born & Bred Awards. Those of you who are friends and family or are simply from the entertainment industry in Zambia (or perhaps other countries like the UK, the USA, etc) and know my history with it as Styles MC (an artist) and BSE (my Production Studio) know that i had actually boycotted going to all these award ceremonies in Entertainment because they always give me free invites (and yes, I' m always broke) as a person but refuse to acknowledge me as an artist.

Anyway it was at Mulungushi Hall (a pretty classy venue by Zambian standards, certainly thats where they hold all the International shows) and it was to be Televised on DSTV and MNET (the biggest Cable stations and networks in Africa) in the New Year so I gave it a go. Those of you that are accustomed to attending classy upper market International events like Award ceremonies in the UK, USA, SA and other major entertainment countries as I am will know that we are of no contention here in Zambia; but we' re trying, still.

I mean seriously everybody in Zambia (and on my online networks of which there are to many to mention but should I ever get my Online name sorted for my studio again, you bet they' ll be there) has got to have seen my video and yet it' s never been show on 'Born & Bred' or any ZNBC TV (Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, yes the State one.) Nore has it ever been shown on Muvi TV or any other TV networks in Zambia or on DSTV Africa (the main Cable guys but we' ll see). I guess there consistent atleast.

So anyway this year, the free tickets came as usual. Having allaowed the Barclays Cup (The National Football Cup) Final ticket go wantone (I wonder if thats how you really spell that), I decided to accept the Born & Bred Awards tickets with the rest of my family. But I didn' t dress up though, nah blood just keeping casual you' na.

This year' s event was not headlines with the usual big Zambian artists we' ve become accustomed to since the turn of the Century revival of Zambian music; the JKs, Kamillian, Ty2, Hamooba, Nalu & Exile and Lily T died that year, rather unfortunately I hear. Never met the lady unfortunately, but then again I' ve never met any of the girls (or Ladies) of Zambian music. The guys are sssswell though! So anyway, the point I was making is that this years event was going to be full off young stars.

Anybody who had the pleasure of ABCing (or African Boarder Crossing as I call it) from the rural towns of Zambia will know most certainly how much those 'Baska Baska' boys (Daliso, Dandy Crazy, etc) are playing on radio and in Bars and Clubs out there. I mean these guys dress and look so silly, it' s worth seeing them just for the comedy value.

We got to Mulungushi Hall at about 20:30 and the car park was pretty full already, met Drasco (still waiting to complete dude' s video now for like 4 years but atleast he' s found out at the clubs and even a TV ad now) whos sisters are now Mampi' s dancers, how hot girls (if Mampi ever reads this; she' s so hot, never met her though). On the way in also met Gesh Groove (TV and Radio presenter and Lawyer) doing some filming work and apparently all the artists were in a room backstage doing interviews, wasn' t invited though. Even though my younger brother and cousin managed to get lost and still wind up in the interview room, how stupid really; 'Lil Ceasar, Yah'

So the show finally kicked off at 22 hours, and yes some girl at the bar managed to get my wallet jacked, unbelievable really. First came some featured dance performances, featuring my 'white boy' friend Matthew (thats what I call him anyway), how cultured really; it was combination of urban and classical dance. The main Awards started of with a DJ introduced medley of Zambia tracks that featured performances from MKV, Ruff Kid, CQ, Daliso, The Lyricist (who' s a nice guy so hope to work with him in future), Peterson, MC Wabwino, Ephraim, Yellow Man and a bunch of other artists I can' t be bothered to mention right now. Just kidding. Oh ya, and Crisis (you old Dogg you). I wonder when I' ll forget that one.

The next part of the show (the boring part I mean) was the awarding of you know, Awards. I' m never been to bothered about this part because, as biased as the music industry is in most parts of the world, it' s even worse in Zambia so the Awards do not reflect the opinions of the public. Even though Born & Bred did have a TV and txt msg hate campaign, I mean voting system in place. (Sorry, one just doesn' t trust the sincerity of the media the days, heh.)

Awards went to Ruff Kid a bunch of times (used to like meeting this guy until he became such a star on Muvi TV, shame the money doesn' t come the same really), MC Wabwino (I mean really), CQ, Daliso, Yellow Man (who I met for the first time, he' s not bad for an Albino), Peterson (who still thinks its cool to ignore Styles) and thats all I can remember right now. I' m sorry this isn' t a more professional article but really if I wanted to do those I guess I would have joined the Industry.

Other than that apparently we're in show footage somewhere and most peeps checked us out so i hope you check us out in future and not bad for a Zambian show. A few pieces of advise, next time get some Limousines to ferry artists from the back of the Hall to the front so we can get a 'Red Carpet! Whe heh! This shit is going on DSTV and MNET homey'. Good luck to all the artists, Born & Bred and Good Bless, lets hope Styles MC doesn' t make it this next year, man its gonna hurt so bad. Anyway, I live in hope.

Malenge Terence Ngondo- 15th Jan. 2010
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