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"Stay in shape and stay sharpe, a healthy body is a healthy mind."

Fridah Chinks

Fridah Chinks

Fridah Chinks

Fridah Chinks

Fridah Chinks

Fridah Chinks- Personal Trainer

Happy Womens' Day 2020 (09/03/202)

Name: Fridah Chinkobele
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Email: fridahchinks6@gmail.com
Cell: +260 (974) 007 835
Current Location: Lusaka, Zambia

*Weight Loss
*Body Muscle Building
*Body Transformations
*Health and Wellness.
*Certified Youth Football Coach
*Certified First-Aid Practitioner
*Certified personal trainer

Founder of FitFam Fitness and Wellness Movement, Fridah helps people change their perspective on living healthy, keeping active and staying fit.

Her passion to help people achieve their fitness goals was triggered by her herself achieving her own set goals and this led to her falling in love with the Fitness Industry, and in turn aim to offer training and mentorship to people looking forward to achieving the same. That’s what drives her to continue on the fitness journey.

Motivating people to live actively and appreciate that exercise and training does not have to be a dreadful endeavour nor is it a punishment but something that ought to be enjoyed and looked forward to.

She has worked in many areas of fitness and studied for hours and hours many different fitness related topics which has helped shape her  style of training over the years.

I believe there is no one RIGHT way to train, but each individual needs a different approach whether they are trying to improve for sporting performance, want to be stronger or move a little more freely, and even clients that just want someone to talk to while they walk on the treadmill.

The fitness industry is a community, a family of like minded people who all support each other and lift each other up with one thing in common, They want to be the best version of them!!! I’ll tell you what, I bloody love my job and the people I encounter. Not only can I teach them about my passion they also can teach me a lot too, about people, about different peoples bodies and about life, each client has their own story and fitness journey and that’s what I enjoy most about this lifestyle.

Past engagements in fitness activities include being Fitness Instructor for Corporate Wellness held in Lusaka in August 2019, Fitness Instructor and Activities Coordinator with Sport In Action at the Special Olympics Unified Sports Day in July 2019, Guest Fitness Instructor for Zambia Shall Be Fit in January 2019, and she has had regular sessions with corporates which include Cooperative College of Lusaka, and Izeni Lodge of Lusaka.

She also manages a personal one-on-one trainer portfolio with individual clients offering personalized and specific needs training. Currently, Fridah is a consultant Personal Trainer at Retro Health and Fitness Gym of Salama Park, Lusaka.

Packages Offered include:
90 Days Fat Destroyer
60 Days Lean Muscle Building
30 Days Weight Loss Starter
30 Days Muscle Gain Starter

FB: FitFridah | Fridahchinks 
IG: fridahchinks

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