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Welcome to 21st Century Zambia' s Politics Parties section which briefly outlines all the Political parties in Zambia.

Patriotic Front, Movement for Multi- purpose Democracy, United Nations Independant Party, United Party for National Development, Heritage Party, All People' s Congress, Forum for Democracy Development

Patriotic Front

Formed in 2000 as one of the main opposition parties to Fredrick T Chiluba' s '3rd term' bid and then further appointment of Levy P Mwanawasa (then retired from politics) as leader of the MMD, Michael Sata (formerly a member of the MMD and indeed UNIP in their governing days) has developed the PF to be Zambia' s leading opposition party having narrowly lost the last 3 elections disputedly to the MMD.

In 2011 National Election PF finally mustered up enough political tally to take the Presidency under Mr. Sata and have passed away in November 2014, Edgar Chagwa Lungu took over the leadership of PF and subsequently won the Jan 2015 Presidential election to ensure the continuity of the PF 5 year term and was then re-elected under the new 50 + 1 % clause of the new Constitution in August 2016.

United Party for National Development

Formed by Anderson Mazoka, a business tycoon with political interests back in 1999, he has since passed on the Party' s presidency to Hakainde Hachilema (formerly President F T J Chiluba' s advisor under the Zambia Privitisation programme in the 1990' s) who has been teh party's presidential candidate in all National elections since 2006 election.

They've come runner up in the last 2 General Elections to PF with a substantial amount of the Zambian people' s vote and continue to chase vermently for the Nation's government vote.

Movement for Multi- purpose Democracy

Being the formerParty that lead the nation under President Rupiah Banda until 2011, MMD was formed back in 1990 as the leading opposition party to Kenneth Kaunda and the UNIP party which had been the only ruling Government of Zambia since 1964. Though most of the original members have left to join or start their own Parties or have passed away, the MMD had still managed to win every election for 20 years until their 2011 loss, accepted very democratically.

They are now lead by Nevers Mumba, a former Pastor and Ambassador to America

United Nations Independant Party

The oldest active Political Party in Zambia (originally Socialist in concept) and the first to take on the management of the Zambian Republic under Dr. Kenneth Kaunda in 1964, UNIP is still participating in elections today (though they only managed to claim the 6th position). Though Dr. Kaunda, or KK as he' s fondly know to the world (still Zambia' s most Internationally renowned politician) has passed on the leadership to one of his many Politician sons Tilyenge Kaunda, the party still maintains a proud history and place in the hearts of the Zambian people.

Heritage Party

Run by Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda, a former Minister under both KK' s and Chiluba' s governments and an experienced member of Zambia' s Defence, the Heritage Party have a loyal backing amongst a lot of traditional Zambians. Coming 4th in the 2006 General Election General Miyanda is still available politically for comment and support of Zambian Ideology and Governance.

All People' s Congress

Formerly Presidented by Jet setting business Entrepreneur Kenny Ngondo (a former Governer of Bank Of Zambia now deceased) who won his first political MP seat in 1991 under KK' s UNIP, APC was formed in 2005 as Kenny Ngondo' s bid to gain further acknowledgement and position for his political efforts after having spent 15 years under KK (UNIP and General christian Tembo (FDD) only to see the Party presidencies passed on to other members of the Party. Though they only managed a 5th position finish in the 2006 elections, Kenny Ngondo had continued to be of great political influence often seen and heard on TV and in the News papers until his much acclaimed State Funeral in November 2012 watched by all the nation.

Forum for Democracy Development

Started by General Christian Tembo(deceased since 2004) a former member of the MMD Government in 1999, the FDD is currently Presidented by Edith Nawakwi a former Lady Minister in the MMD government. This was one of the primary branch of parties started in the late 1990s in opposition to Frederick Chiluba' s '3rd Term' bid. Though the party is not as active as it was in it' s initial stages, it still has it' s Head Lining members.

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